South East Queensland’s best-kept secret is this ‘Nothing But Thieves’/’Queens of the Stone Age’ – esque Indie Pop Rock outfit: Happy Valley. From first listen you can tell that front-man Trey Cooper has something incredibly special. As a solo artist, he has been managed by Ian ‘Dicko’ Dickson for the past couple of years, and is now stepping out in front of a band to make a huge sound with Happy Valley. Passionate guitar-based rock, the band balances indie rock with a pop sensibility. Happy Valley have taken time to craft their sound, playing copious underground and intimate shows where they have honed their craft into the incredibly tight, arena-filling anthem that fans now love. With a group comprising of talented musicians, including the lead-man, Trey Cooper’s, brother on guitars and bv’s and Instagram-famous powerhouse chick drummer Mikaela Swan; Happy Valley could easily be heard opening for Nothing But Thieves or the Arctic Monkeys. With three singles and an EP coming out this year, Happy Valley are on a steady trajectory right to the top, and are a not-to-be-missed  breakthrough act. “Happy Valley creates moments of calm among the chaos and everything in between. Within its flux is a constant sense of something more building below the surface that entices a real and genuine response in any listener. Using their Music as a vessel to conjure feelings and stir emotion, and they certainly do not do it lightly. It is fair to say that the band does not merely create a song, but an experience”     – LiveWire

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