Australian music in the early 90’s was having an identity crisis. The golden days of Aussie pub rock were over, pokies were moving in, and clubbing /rave culture was taking hold. While the alternative music scene was dominated by grunge and indie rock, some were looking elsewhere to get their kicks. Hip Hop was on the rise, and from its melting pot of influences new genres were starting to take shape.

One group that emerged from this landscape, and forged a path through the Oz music landscape all of their own were SKUNKHOUR.

A group that fused eclectic musical influences to form their own unique brand of Mongrel Funk. A sound that combined Funk, Rock and Hip Hop with elements of New Wave Pop.

With the funky powerhouse rhythm section of Mike and Dean Sutherland and the melodic blues funk stylings of Warwick Scott on guitar, combined with Aya Larkin’s ethereal and powerful lead vocals. Their unique sound was cemented by brother Del rapping in Australian accent which was unheard of on Australian airwaves at the time.

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