The Rolling Stones Revue

With the Rolling Stones celebrating 60 years, it’s only fitting that The Rolling Stones Revue pays homage to the greatest rock n roll band of all time.

Fronted by three of Australia’s most electrifying performers – Adalita of Magic Dirt, Sarah McLeod of The Superjesus and self-professed Stones tragic – Tim Rogers  of You Am I bring you a full blown rock n roll spectacle- featuring the Stones greatest hits – Brown Sugar, Satisfaction, Jumping Jack Flash, Gimme Shelter and of course Sympathy for the Devil.

Backed by a red hot band featuring guitar virtuoso, Jak Housden (The Whitlams / The Badloves / ), with Ian Peres (Wolfmother, Busby Marou) on bass, Gordon Rhymeister (Glenn Shorrock, Hamilton) on the drums, Rob Woolfe (Ian Moss) Matt Smith (Thirsty Merc)guitars and Winston Smith – Sax.

The Rolling Stones Revue has been selling out theatres all over the country and along with state-of-the-art visuals designed by Video artist Ken Weston this show will leave audiences begging for more

“I’m so thrilled to once again be joining my good mates to celebrate this incredibly iconic band I cannot wait to get my teeth into this one, it’s going to be an amazing show!” – ADALITA

“Them bloody longhaired Rolled Stones have ruined it for all us good hearted folks with morals and underwear. What can a tender boy do huh? Can’t beat em, gonna join em. This malarkey happening again.  Shadoobie.” – TIM ROGERS

The chemistry between them all is undeniable.

Don’t miss out on this stellar rock ‘n’ roll journey

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