The Whitlams

The Whitlams intersected with the classical music world when composer Peter Sculthorpe sneaked Freedman into an Australian Chamber Orchestra end-of-tour party in 2002. The next year Freedman, with Richmond on drums, toured with the ACO playing a programme of Whitlams tunes and Arvo Pärt. The West Australian Symphony Orchestra was next on the phone and The Whitlams became Australia’s first symphonic indie act with two concerts at Kings Park, Perth in 2004.

In 2006 they released their sixth album “Little Cloud” which documented Freedman’s time in New York and his return to Sydney. Produced by indie maestro J. Walker, it was their most critically acclaimed album and achieved Gold status soon after release.

They completed their stint with Warners in 2008 with a “Best of” compilation “Truth, Beauty, and a Picture of You”.

Since then they have completed laps of Australia annually,  playing their favourite pubs and theatres. In August 2021 they will embark once again on a nation-wide tour, this time with some new songs and a fresh spring in their step.

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