Xavier Rudd

The wide-open space Xavier Rudd found himself in last year – the great COVID silence – accelerated a return to the solo mode of creation that first led the barefoot multi-instrumentalist on his phenomenal journey. From his birthplace on the blustery southeast coast of Australia to Europe, Japan, the US, Canada and South America, you can measure it today in audiences in their tens of thousands, and in hundreds of millions of song streams, not least his timeless, windswept keynote, Follow The Sun (2012).

Xavier’s relentless upward arc is among the most astounding success stories of our time. Countless more celebrated acts have come and gone like fireworks as his campfire steadily grows: a beacon to the kind of music fan that seeks sustenance in a fast-food world.

“I value the simple things in life,” he shrugs. “I value community, culture, our connection to the earth as human beings. I don’t care too much for the other stuff. I think the roots of who we are, and what our ancestral lines are and how those stories have shaped us are the most important things. And I guess I always celebrate those things in my music.”

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