Vendor Terms and Conditions


The following definitions apply in the interpretation of these Terms and Conditions:

Accreditation Officer” means the officer appointed by Council to that position for the festival.

Council” means Sunshine Coast Regional Council.

CMF” means Sunshine Coast Regional Council, its staff and delegated officers and its event the Caloundra Music Festival.

Event Organiser” means the officer appointed by Council to that position for the festival.

Festival” means the Caloundra Music Festival.

Stalls Coordinator” means the officer appointed by Council to that position for the festival.



The Vendor hereby indemnifies and keeps indemnified Sunshine Coast Regional Council, its employees and agents against any liability, action, claim, demand, costs, charges or expenses, arising as a result of any act, omission, negligence or thing done or omitted to be done by the Vendor or any servant, representative, agent, invitee or licensee of the Vendor or any other person or persons under their direction.



The Stalls Coordinator will communicate with Vendors via email in most instances or via mobile phone to the email address or mobile phone number nominated by the Vendor in its application form. It is important that you respond to any communications within 48 hours.  If the Stalls Coordinator is unable to make contact with you for an extended period of time, your site may be forfeited.



All Vendors are required to pay a $100 Bond. At the conclusion of the event you will be sent a Vendor Feedback Survey request. You need to complete the full survey and provide details for CMF to process the refund. Once the Vendor Coordinator has confirmed that your site has been left in acceptable condition and you have met your obligations as a Vendor we will arrange for your bond to be refunded back to you.



Vending site fees are determined by the Event Organiser and are detailed in the Application Information and corresponding application form.   Fees are non-negotiable.

CMF makes no guarantees as to the crowds that will be in attendance or to the profits you will make at the event.  The Festival is an all-weather event.  It will continue in rain, hail or shine unless the conditions are deemed unsafe to continue.  No refunds will be made if you choose not to attend due to inclement weather.

Vending site fees will be invoiced in August are due and payable by 11th September 2023.  Vendors that do not pay by this date will forfeit their vending site.



The Festival is an all-weather event.  It will continue in rain, hail or shine unless the conditions are deemed unsafe to continue.



Cancellations must be notified in writing 14 days prior to the event or the full fee will be payable.



If this agreement is breached the Council reserves the right to terminate this agreement and take possession of the vending site. The Event Organiser reserves the right to expel any Vendor or their staff at any time.



Vendors and their staff must behave in a professional and courteous manner at all times and must not consume alcohol on site. Bringing Alcohol on site is a serious breach of CMF Liquor Licence conditions and will result in the Vendor being removed from the festival with no refund of site fees.

Vendors must take direction from the Event Organiser and security staff at all times. Rude and offensive behaviour will not be tolerated and any Vendors that conduct themselves inappropriately towards staff or volunteers will be refused entry to the site and will forfeit their bond and stall fees.



Vendors shall not be entitled to assign, share or sublet all or part of their site without prior written consent from the Event Organiser.



The Event Organiser retains the right to enter any food stall at any time and remove any article, sign, picture or printed matter which, in our opinion, is either not eligible for display or is considered offensive.



All vendors must hold $20 million Public Liability Insurance. A copy of your Public Liability Policy must be forwarded to the Stalls Coordinator during the application process.

It is the responsibility of the Vendor to possess adequate property damage insurance for their own property used at the festival.



All Vendors must cover their workers with a policy from WorkCover Qld. A copy of your policy must be provided at the time of application.



Festival access for Vendors and their staff will be allocated based on stall size as indicated in the pricing schedule. Staff access is for the entire duration of the festival (Friday to Sunday) and is strictly for working staff only.

Vendors must indicate the number of staff passes required in the application process. Staff passes will be allocated in accordance with the type of stall you have.  Any additional passes organised outside of the application process will need to be purchased via the CMF ticketing agent (no refunds are permitted).

Staff access passes can be issued as 3 x daily passes. Staff access passes will be allocated by the Accreditation Office at the start of each day. Staff passes are required to be named and staff will be required to show photo ID to the Accreditation Office for collection. The accreditation list for all Vendor staff will be finalised by 15 September 2023.

Access passes must be worn around your wrist at all times within the festival site and must not be removed until conclusion of the festival (or relevant day). If for some reason you or your staff need to remove your access pass, you MUST contact the Stalls Coordinator PRIOR to removal.

CMF reserves the right to refuse admission to any person without assigning any reason for the decision.



Security guards are on site throughout the duration of the event.  All effort is made to secure the festival site but no responsibility will be taken for loss or damage to any person or goods whether or not that loss, damage or injury arises from the negligence of staff or contractors employed by the Caloundra Music Festival.

Vendors may remove stock/equipment each night and it is recommended that you remove any valuables overnight.



  • No pets or livestock will be permitted on the festival site, except in accordance with legislation
  • Use of amplified music by Vendors is prohibited.
  • Sleeping/camping on site is not permitted. Camping information is available on the CMF Website
  • Vendors must adhere to the festival Entry Conditions as outlined on the CMF Website
  • Vendors and their staff must not bring any prohibited items into the site: Alcohol or illicit drugs, glass, umbrellas, shade tents, fire/fireworks, video cameras or professional cameras.
  • Vendors may only smoke in Designated Outdoor Smoking Areas. No food or drink is to be consumed in these areas.



All stalls must comply with the provisions of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011. This relates to ensuring that all equipment is certified as ‘fit for purpose’ as well as other compliance activities detailed in the document.

ALL incidents, near misses and hazards must be reported as soon as practical to a member of the CMF team. There are qualified first aid officers onsite throughout the festival.



Marquees, stands, fittings, tools and all goods or other articles brought onto the festival area by the Vendor or their contractors will be at the sole risk of the Vendor.  Council will not be responsible for any loss or damage in any circumstances whatsoever.

Council is not responsible for any loss caused by failure of electricity and other essential services, or for loss or damage arising directly or indirectly through war, acts of God, acts of terrorism, strikes, lock-outs, riots, disturbances or commotions or other causes beyond the control of council within or outside the festival area.

Council will not be liable to a Vendor for the acts or conduct of any Contractor, any other vendor or their servants and agents or any member of the public.



It is a requirement of the Caloundra Music Festival‘s Operational Risk Management Plan that;

  • All food outlets must have at least a 1A20B(E) Dry Chemical Powder extinguisher or equivalent.
  • Any food outlets using deep fryers to have a minimum of a 40B(E) Dry Chemical Powder extinguisher or equivalent.
  • Wood fire pizza and other vendors using ordinary combustibles as fuel (wood, paper etc) only can use a water extinguisher.
  • Extinguishers that are less that 1kg in size are not permitted.
  • All firefighting equipment must comply with relevant legislative provisions, and your fire blanket and/or fire extinguisher must have either one of the following:
    • Yellow AS 1851 Compliant Tag or;
    • A legible copy of a receipt or tax invoice for your firefighting equipment which is less than 6 months old. You must also ensure that your firefighting equipment is located so that it is unimpeded and not obstructed. For example, do not store it in a box under a shelf, where it cannot be reached if needed.

You will not be able to begin trading until a member of Council’s Emergency and Risk Management team has confirmed you have the correct fire extinguisher.



Some cleaning products, fuel etc. are defined as hazardous substances by the national criteria, In light of this, you may be required to have a compliant safety data sheets available at your site.

All containers of hazardous chemicals must also be labelled in accordance with the Work Health and Safety Act 2011, associated regulations, codes of practice and industry standards



If you are using LPG gas bottles, you need to ensure that all of your gas appliances comply with the Queensland Government guidelines.

A copy of the LPG Safety Checklist can be downloaded from



Time frames for bumping in stalls will vary.  Bump in order will be determined by the Stalls Coordinator and all Vendors will be advised of the Bump In schedule two weeks prior to the event. If Vendors do not adhere to the Bump in schedule they may forfeit their stall space without refund.

All Vendors will be able to start pack down/bump out from: 9.00am Monday 2 October, OR at the conclusion of the event if approved in advance by the Stalls Coordinator. No vehicles are permitted onsite until authorised by the Stalls Coordinator, their delegate or the security personnel engaged by CMF.

Vendors must not pack up prior to the conclusion of the Festival. Those who pack down stalls or remove equipment prior to the conclusion of the Festival will forfeit their bond and will not eligible to hold a stall at future events.



Whilst bumping in and out vehicles are limited to a speed limit of 5kph at all times with hazard lights on. Vehicles must always give way to pedestrians.

All vehicles must be offsite by the designated time stipulated in the Bump In schedule.

There is no allocated car parking on the festival site and parking fines will apply to any illegally parked vehicles, with no exceptions, in accordance with Council Parking Regulations.

Deliveries are not possible during the hours which the Festival is operating. Deliveries during the festival period must be made between 7am and 9am before gates open. Vehicles must be offsite by 9.00am Friday 29 September through to Sunday 1 October.

Vendors are welcome to use the Festival Park & Ride shuttle. For more information about this service please visit the CMF website



Electrical fees are determined by the Event Organiser and are detailed in the Application Information and corresponding application form.   Fees are non-negotiable. Vendors requiring electricity are required to complete the relevant section of the online application form.

Vendors are required to provide the maximum consumption of ALL electrical items and assign the appliances to individual 10-amp circuits. All electrical appliances and equipment must be in safe working order and have current test tags fitted.

Any untested or faulty equipment will not be allowed to be plugged in on the CMF site.

Appliances and equipment without a valid tag must not be connected. No generators are to be used.

Vendors must provide their own lights, leads and power boards fitted with circuit breakers. Any damage caused by electrical over-consumption/overload or misuse will result in immediate cease of trade and forfeiture of your bond.



Visual appearance of your stall is important. If your stall operates from a Marquee/Pop-up structure, commercial quality, clean marquees must be used.  All tables must be clothed and these cloths changed daily throughout the Festival.

All signage must be professionally or artistically produced (no handwritten or word doc type signs).  Any offensive signage, either in aesthetics or in content, and any advertising paraphernalia not directly related to your stall will be removed at the discretion of the Event Organiser.

Any back of house areas should be contained within your designated space, preferably within your marquee / food truck.

If your stall set up is deemed to be dirty, unprofessional or not a reflection of your application, the Event Organiser reserves the right to ask you to leave the festival site and will retain your bond.



All tents/marquees brought on-site by Vendors must be commercial/heavy duty standard. We will not permit the use of marquees with “trade logos” other than your own.

All marquees and temporary structures need to be securely weighted to avoid injury or property damage.

Detailed below is an estimation of weight loads per leg, this is based on an engineered solution from AS 1170.0:2002 and based on a wind speed of around 35-40 Km/h.

marquee guidelines

PLEASE NOTE: That the estimated weight loads are only a guide and that the Caloundra Music Festival and the Council recommends that you adhere to the design and manufacture specifications.

Vendors are not permitted to peg marquees into the ground.



Vendors must only sell those items that have been listed in their approved application. Certain Vendors may have exclusive rights and restrictions may apply. Items that cannot be sold include glow products and related items, tobacco/cigarettes and glass products/bottles. Vendors are not permitted to sell products packaged in disposable plastic bottles, including water.



Stalls must hold a valid food licence. Please call Council Customer Service for details on 5475 7272.

Council officers reserve the right to inspect stall premises and request presentation of all relevant documentation at any time during the festival set up, operation and dismantle. Food Businesses found to be operating without a current licence will be required to cease selling or preparing food.

A copy of a current Food licence must be submitted to the Stalls Coordinator by 15 September 2023.



Council officers will inspect food stalls both during set up and during festival operation.

Stalls with refrigerated/heated display cabinets must maintain temperature logs using a calibrated and sterilised thermometer (minimum four times a day).  These temperature checks must prove that food is being stored outside of the Danger Zone of 5-60C (i.e. refrigerated products must be below 5C and hot food must be kept above 60C). All hot appliances must be out of public reach for their safety and protection.

Council requires that all food stalls meet the relevant food standards code.



We recommend that your meals are priced between $6 -$17. This is based on feedback from successful vendors at previous events.   Vendors must have sufficient stock for the four day festival period.  Should you run out of stock, you must have the ability to restock overnight or risk forfeiture of bond.



Vendors are REQUIRED to minimise waste and work with Caloundra Music Festival to achieve its environment and sustainability targets. Waste infrastructure will be available for general waste, recycling, compost and cardboard.

We continue to ask Vendors to use bio-degradable packaging, and ban the sale of products sold in plastic bottles, as overall bio-degradable products are generally from sustainable sources where recyclable products can be made from virgin materials. We appreciate our Vendors continued support in this goal towards greener events on the Sunshine Coast.

From September 1 2021, certain single-use plastic items will be banned in Qld, including plastic straws, stirrers, cutlery, plates, bowls and expanded polystyrene cups and containers. 

The legislation exempts items that are reusable or certified to the Australian Compost standards (AS 5810/AS 4736). The Qld State Government has signalled its intention to add to this current list of banned items, and (after further investigation) include other problem takeaway plastics such as coffee cups, lids, cups and other packaging items in the ban.

All vendors conducting business on council land must not serve banned single use plastic items. These items include.

  • Single-use plastic straws
  • Single-use plastic stirrers
  • Single-use plastic plates & bowls
  • Single-use plastic cutlery
  • Single use expanded polystyrene takeaway food containers and cups

The legislation which provides the specific detail including definitions of banned items, and exemptions is accessible here:

In addition, The following requirements MUST be addressed.


Vendors need to provide:

  • Biodegradable (compostable) serving products such as corn starch cutlery, wooden stirrers, bamboo plates or cardboard/paper products and where required biodegradable PLA drinking cups;
  • Recyclable products include all plastic food containers, milk and juice bottles (used for food preparation – not available for sale), aluminium and steel cans.
  • No over-packaged single samples
  • No plastic bags, hand out reusable bags
  • No glass is to be used

Grey water disposal: Vendors must use the grey water tanks provided and must not dispose down drains or in garden beds.

Oils: All oils must be removed from the site by the Vendor and disposed of appropriately at the end of the event, and at the Vendor’s cost.

Cleaning products: Only biodegradable ecologically sound detergents and cleaning fluids will be permitted for use on site.

Bump out: Sites must be left as they were found.  It is your responsibility to remove ALL waste and ensure the site is left clean and tidy and to the satisfaction of the Stalls Coordinator.  Your bond may not be returned if the site is left in an untidy manner.  Please contact the Stalls Coordinator if you have any queries.

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